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Course Guides 

Access new and current course guides on Holy Spirit Library's new LibGuides site.


Reference & Research General Guides

APA Style  

APA Style for Media Citations

Contact a Librarian 

Education Research

Evaluating Websites

Finding Scholarly Journals in Education

Finding School District Information  

Google vs Library Databases

Information Literacy Toolkit

Library Guide for Off-Campus Students

Literature Review 

MLA Style for Media Citations

Popular vs. Scholarly Journals

Primary and Secondary Resources

Searching and Using Library Databases  

Course Specific Guides 


Art HistoryI:  Prehistory - Middle Ages


Biological Science

Biology Senior Seminar  

BioMedical Ethics

Brain and Behavior

Business Administration Seminar


Capstone: Sociology and Criminology 

Career Prep and Job-Search Techniques (COM 487)

Catholic Church

Catholic Social Thought and Practice

Communication Skills for Leaders

Comparative Government

Consumer and Buyer Behavior

Contemporary Issues in American Catholicism

Contemporary Social Problems

Convergence Seminar


Developmental Psychology Annotated Bibliography  

Developmental Psychology APA Style Research Paper

Developmental Psychopathology 


ECG 100 Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Africa

ECG 100 Peace and Nonviolence

ECG 100 Voices of Justice


EDG 501 Educational Research

EDG 531 Human Development

EDG 598 Foundations in Literacy

EDG 650 Principal Internship


ENG 100 Introduction to Writing

ENG 290 Literary Theory and Cultural Studies

Engagements With the Common Good

English 101 - MLA Style Research Paper 

English/Comm Curriculum & Methods

Environmental Economics


ESH 220 Health Promotion Disease Prevention 

ESH 450 Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance

Experiencing the Arts


Film History

Furness Educational Research


History 109 and 205 - Prison Resources 

History 336 - Ethnography Resources

HR Management


Information Management & Technology 

International Marketing

Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to Mass Communication

Intro to Political Science

Introduction to Psychology


Justice Matters 

Labor Relations


Media Influences and Psychological Development


Principles of Marketing


Qualities of the Liberally Educated 


Race and Ethnic Relations

REL 121 Introduction to Christian Tradition

Renaissance-20th Century Art

Research Methods: Literature Review

Research Methods II: Tests and Measurements

Research Methods: Social Work

Research in Social Work   


Social Encyclicals

Social Justice

Social Problems

Social Psychology

Social Theory and Applications 

SPA 304 History of Spanish-American Civilization

SPA 307 Survey of Latin American Literature


Teaching Social Studies 


Voices of Other Cultures


General Information


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Holy Spirit Library Hours

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